Hydraulic Alliance was proud to become the first Hydraulic Systems Integrator for Bosch Rexroth in the UK. This uniquely gives us the capacity to support and supply the full Bosch Rexroth range.

Bosch Rexroth offers Hydraulic Alliance and your business many key advantages;

Bosch Rexroth

Progressive and Developmental

Their approach to introducing new products is typically revolutionary rather than evolutionary; with components being designed from first principles according to demands. This has created a uniquely customer-tailored product that has made many previously impossible methods of design possible.

  • A4 Pumps capable of acting as both a motor and pump to recover or recycle energy from a system or wave heave
  • The A11 and A15 4X Series being computer-modelled to optimise castings and parts to prevent wave ripple and give phenomenal speed and flow capabilities.
  • The A6V 7X motor exceeding the capacities and performance of other major manufacturers.
  • 100% through drive torque on latest pump models
  • Pumps sets capable of performing the duties of tandem or triple units by the use of multiple controls fitted to a single unit.

These solutions have allowed Hydraulic Alliance to:

  • Design ship ring-main systems using only one pump, whilst giving full control to intensive demand motors on winches and bow thrusters.
  • Change OEM machines to single pumps or upgrade performance, where engine-input speed would previously have been a limiting factor.

Product Support

Hydraulic Alliance is able to offer a vast selection of Bosch Rexroth products. With a typical two weeks lead time, we can supply a range of:

  • Open loop variable pumps 280cc/rev, 350 bar
  • Motors to 200 cc/rev in variable and fixed displacement
  • Pilot Operated Proportional Control Valves to 350lpm with on-board electronics.

A broad product range, combined with high levels of customer support and competitive pricing, give our customers the confidence to rely on us for their build and breakdown challenges.