Dinamic Oil is an independent Italian manufacturer of standard and specialist winches and gearbox drives. Hydraulic Alliance is pleased to be an authorised distributor of Dinamic Oil components in the UK.

Dinamic Oil drives are widely used in the Marine and off-shore market for cable tensioning and positioning. With a complete range of drives from 500 to 3,000,000 Nm T2 continuous and various inputs, we are able to provide solutions to any application. We work closely with Dinamic Oil to design and recommend a solution that will meet your application speed, torque and life expectancy requirements. It also helps to avoid heat transfer build-up; a problem commonly overlooked in sourcing gearbox components. Each unit comes backed up by full design and stress calculations and ISO lifetime calculations.

All drives and winches from Dinamic Oil can be built with input, design or full inspection and approval from the following societies;

Lloyds, DNV, RINA, ABS, GL or GOST

This allows us to offer man-riding winches to meet both European and American API 2C specification and ATEX drives.

A range of standard winches are held in stock by Hydraulic Alliance and all spares come fully supported by the manufacturer.

The standard winches are suited to all applications with line pulls from 500kgs – 50,000kgs and a full range of accessories –

CE Marked

Load Cells and Limit Switches

Cable Tensioners

Lowering Rope End Micro Switches

We also offer

  • RW, WD and WDD winch drum drives, which can be incorporated directly into the machine structure avoiding additional frame costs and saving space. We can also supply just the drive; allowing the customer to create their own drum / unit.
  • A Series”, a range designed as a direct interchange to major American winch manufacturers products. Our product range offers a full range of this design of winch, ranging from standard hoisting versions to the API 2C man-riding version.
  • Custom solutions can be designed for specialist applications to meet all society classifications and features.
  • Wireline Sample Winches
  • Marine Applications
  • Two Speed Winches